Our Services

We offer our best services in the following industries:-

  • Installation of chilled water line
  • Installation of fire fighting lines
  • Installation of ware houses
  • All types of fabrication and welding job
  • Gas & Water Pipe Lines
  • In Factories where high profile technicians are required.

We do provide below trades

  • Welders
    • Multi Welders
    • 6G Arc Welders
    • Structure Welders
    • Pipe Welders
    • 3G-4G Welders
  • Pipe Fabricators
  • structure Fabricators
  • Pipe Fitters
  • Pipe and structure
  • Mechanical Helpers
  • Riggers
  • Duct man
  • Electrician
  • Plumbers
  • Scaffolds

Welder All Type

Al-Tajaly Contracting is one of the most popular welding service in UAE. We provide all type of welding services with affordable price's for our customers need.

Fabricators pipe and structure

Pipe fabrication demands a high level of precision among hundreds of components with equally challenging assembly and installation processes. At Al-Tajaly we provide the most experience personnel for this job.

Pipe Fitters

A Fitter is a person who's job is to analyze the blueprints for mechanical and construction systems to determine the specifications of the components to be constructed. At Al-Tajaly we provide the best and most experience personnels for the job of Fitter.

Pipe and Structure

Pipe and Structure fitting also called as pipe clamp is used to build handrails and guardrails. we are the best at making of beautiful and most protective handrails and guardrails. To book our service contact us or call at (+971-50-8953344)

Mechanical Helper

A Mechanical helper is person who assists Mechanics, Welders, Blacksmiths, pipefitters and other craft works. We have an experience team of mechanical helpers who can assists you and your project to excellence.


A rigger is a person who loads and unload heavy equipment to crane, cables, chains etc. At Al-Tajaly we provide the best and experience team for the work of Riggers.

Duct Man

Air conditioner ducts are the most importent part of the air conditioning installation. We at Al-Tajaly provide the best personnel for your need of Air Conditioner duct installation.


A professional Electrician who know what they doing is very important for the electricity work. We Al-Tajaly provide the best and experience electrician for your electrical work.


A Plumber is person who install the pipe line for your water system. At Al-Tajaly we have best team of water pipe line system installation for your home and your company.


Scaffolding is very important for the construction of a building. We at Al-Tajaly provide the scaffold for your build and best personnel to build the strong scaffolding. Just Contact us or Call at (+971-50-8953344)